Bead for Your Life

A different kind of tool showed up on Saturday.  It arrived courtesy of Ed Lebetkin who runs the tool shop above The Woodwright’s School.


I’ve been trying to find a side bead moulding plane in either 1/8″ or 3/16″ for some time.  Finally, I found one through Ed and so far I really like this little plane.

I’ll be using this on every project. Regardless of need.

This is (hopefully) the final tool for the Dutch tool chest and something I have been wanting to try for a while.  Initially I was wondering what the big deal was with cutting a small bead.  To my eye the bead adds a little touch of interest.  I think my work just got a lot classier.

I like this way more than is probably healthy.

Now I just need to figure out how to sharpen the blade.

I did not get much done this weekend.  During my lunch break I milled down the art box pieces to final thickness with the help of my planer and no. 4.


I am going back and forth on whether to use dovetails or cut nails.  I’ll do a couple of test dovetails tonight and let that be the deciding factor.  The plan is to finish this over the next couple of days.  I am tired of looking at the pieces so it’s time.

Also, looks like the lumber predictions I made in my last post are all completely off.  The pretty walnut piece is too jacked up to resaw and still have around 1/2″ pieces, so it’s out.  As of now I don’t have any wood for the small mystery project.  The cherry I had earmarked for the Shaker bench is not looking like a good idea.  I may move the cherry to the mystery project and see what lumber I can drum up for the bench.

Also, I think I may have found some Eastern pine for the DTC for dirt cheap.  If this works out I will probably order enough for the tool chest and a 6 board chest.  That should be sussed out in the next week or so.

Less than 500 words, that has to be a first.

Until next time, have a good one.

Eat a peach,


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