And now we wait

Turns out Tom Petty was right.  But, really, when hasn’t Tom Petty been right?

Last week the wood for my Moxon vise arrived.  I contacted Shannon Rogers of The Renaissance Woodworker and fame to see what he had that was strong and cheap.  He gave me a couple of options for a great price and I chose teak.  While that may seem a little exotic for a vise, eh, I don’t care.  The chances of me working with teak again are not great so why not.


I went ahead and began prepping one piece just to get a glimpse of what the wood will look like.  The color is a little darker than what I initially expected but this wood has not been sitting outside since the 1920’s as a boat.  So the color is likely right.

While giving that wood a few days to get acquainted with Florida weather, I decided to build a saw bench and saw buddy that Schwarz posted a few years back (here and plans here).  I went to the blue store and sifted through a bunch of 2×8’s, 2×10’s and 2×12’s without finding a decent piece.  Off to the orange store and with the help of an employee found two 2x10x12’s in ten minutes.

This is completely safe.

The orange store is across town so I had to tie down the lumber to my roof rails with paracord (forgot the rope at home).  It was fun driving with my window down and my hand holding the lumber so it wouldn’t shift while driving.  For some strange reason I didn’t get any tailgaters.  Next time I’ll bring a saw and these saw benches.

Once home I wanted to hurry and break down the lumber since the rain looked to be heading my way.  I tried using the saw I found at my parent’s place but that thing needs sharpening and the clouds were rolling in fast.

What, plastic again? Someone should say something.

Instead, I used a new saw I bought to take down some small trees/scrub things in my backyard.  That saw has only been used once and it worked great.  After roughly marking out the parts I used a knife to cut a guide line.  Turns out I didn’t need it as the saw was easily controlled.

The boards were reduced down to a stack of lumber for each bench and then to the table saw to rip to width.  Cutting this by hand was not an option since I don’t have a rip panel saw and I don’t hate myself that much.

The saw horse lumber is just about ready to process.  I left each piece a little wide in case it twisted but movement has been minimal.  I’ll cut the saw bench lumber to width tonight.

Since then I’ve been staring at this.  Waiting.  And planning what to build next.


Until next time, have a good one.

Eat a peach,


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