Short Work and Work is Short

I have not been doing any woodworking since before Christmas.  Christmas is always an event but mostly it was sick kids.  Then the sick kids graciously gave me what they had.  Between gift giving and bathroom visiting I did manage to grab a saw and block plane for two quick house projects.

My wife and I rearranged our two little one’s bedroom again and moved some stuff out and other stuff back to their room.  One thing was a chest full of books that was emptied as it was eating up too much space.  The books were placed on a 3×3 floor shelving unit that previously held fabric cubes.  These cubes held various toys (blocks, action figures, musical instruments, animals) and now needed a new home.

The new home needed to be off the floor so shelves seemed to be the obvious next step.  Simple and quick was the plan.  Or a recipe for boring.

We have around 15-20 right angle brackets the previous owner left in the garage so those were called into service (free is always nice).  Then I went to the blue store and grabbed a 12″ wide pine board.  Trimmed it to length with my crosscut saw and then started looking at the edges.

The shelf would be way above the average reaching height in our house but just screwing a board onto a wall felt a little lame.  I broke all the edges with my block plane and then looked at the show edge.

I have a bull nose router bit but it doesn’t really blow my skirt up.  Too plain and predictable.  So I took my block plane in hand once again and sort of rounded over the edge and put an offset soft point on the end.

Not too sure what the official term is or if there even is one.  I like it though and I think it adds just enough class.  Or something.

You can just barely see it. Squint.

Regardless, the shelf worked so well I was commissioned to make another.  Second trip to the blue store, crosscut saw, block plane, free brackets, and done.  No finish.  None needed either.

That’s a lot of stuff. Thomas is no stranger in our house.
It’s shelves for the kid’s room; rough and tumble seems to fit in fine.

Next up:  dovetails at high noon.  Or slightly thereafter.  I prepped some scrap stock last night before heading to bed.  I’m going to try and knock out a round of dovetails around lunchtime.  I’m 5 days behind and need to get going.

P.S.  Going back to my end of year/beginning of year to-do list, I did get some information on the class I wanted to take.  A very small, minuscule amount.  I’m waiting to hear back something else before I get excited or commit.  Fingers crossed.

Until next time, have a good one.

Eat a peach,


2 thoughts on “Short Work and Work is Short

  1. I got hit over the break too. Pretty sure I caught the flu, despite getting the shot this year. Several days limping down to the shop to finish the project I’d given myself to do with the time off.

    Utilitarian works. Being able to solve problems, even if the end result is nothing to brag about, is a big plus. I’m still rather pleased with a board I used a key-hole bit to cut two slots in so I could hang a board with nails partially driven at a slight angle into over our entry way closet door. Use it to hang the dog leash & etc. on. Also used my Jack to round the edges over, and threw on a coat of danish oil so it wasn’t just raw pine.

    I am provider. I use tools. I make home good.

    Crude as it can be at times, it still feels good.


    1. I don’t think we officially had the flu but I got the worst version of whatever “it” was.

      I thought about going back and applying a finish but it’s not real likely. We really needed shelves up that day so speed won.

      The good part is that I got to use my saw and plane on a home project. I’ll take what I can get.


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