Finger Joints Part 2 or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Joint

It was a rough past year but finger joints and I are cool again.

The best part was that it only took a week, an expensive jig, and well, that’s about it.  

Speaking of, the Incra I-Box is an amazing device.  Assembly and setup was quite simple with the included DVD and full color instructions.  After everything was lined up I was making great looking joints that same night.  And, I even pulled the jig off several times and started back without doing test cuts and got accurate results.  Highly recommend the I-Box.

Let’s look at some results.



This is the third run of test cuts.  The fit is snug with just a slight gap for expansion once glue is applied. If I was going to leave the joints exposed I could very easily adjust the gap out. I’ll try that next time.

Now that the joints were looking good I grabbed some stock to make an extension cab for another amp I built.


Not bad.  These boards were just a touch thinner than my two test pieces so the fingers are a little proud of the sides.  I forgot to adjust the blade height but a little sanding will fix this.

At this point I was out of lumber and went off to the big blue hardware store to fetch a lovely (or workable) piece of pine.  I went through 60-70 pieces of the finest 1″x12″x6′ pine boards the store had to offer and found nothing.  I switched to the 4′ length and after going through another 30 or so I found 2 mediocre boards.

Then it was marking, ripping, cross cutting, amazing finger joint jig using and now I have a box for my amp.


The amp was so excited it jumped right in.

After a little more work I now have three cabinets; 2 for amps and 1 for a speaker.  I have one speaker cab left to build but I need to get some more pine first.  I’m going to the orange store this time.


Next is to fill in any gaps and knots, sand, round over all the edges, interior work, front and back pieces, then wrap them all.  Almost done.


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