…The Aftermath

So Thanksgiving has come and gone and I’ve been busy finishing up the table leaf.  I was going write out a long post detailing what all happened but instead this short summary will suffice.

In short, it’s done.  I finished it the day before Thanksgiving and delivered it and the table at 9:15 pm.  Overall it was a great experiment in hand tool work that included planing one side by hand and edge jointing.  By the way, I’m terrible at edge jointing.  I finally broke down and used my brother-in-law’s sweet Powermatic 8″ helical head jointer.  Have I mentioned how much I love that machine?

I also put my new-to-me planer to work and am very happy with the results.  Like anything else, I’ll need some more practice in order to minimize tear-out but that is to be expected.


As seen in the above picture, the leaf doesn’t match the rest of the table.  The couple wanted to finish it themselves so I only sanded to 80 grit after using my smoothing plane.

After getting back to the house about 9:40, I had cheesecakes to make.  We had to replace the siding on one side of our house a few months back.  It was terrible work.  I had a few friends help out and in addition to feeding them during the project, I’m making each family pumpkin cheesecakes.  As of last night, I have 4 done and will make the last two tonight.

First round, before the oven.
As for what’s next, well, that’s interesting.  Delivering this leaf has me working on something else for the same couple.  It’s a completely different subject so let’s not infringe on the table leaf/cheesecake post.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Eat a peach,




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