New members to the family

I have been putting off getting a planer for a while mostly because I was under the delusion that I could just use hand planes.  You can, obviously, but when presented with my most recent project of making a table leaf for some friends, I decided to take another look at planers.

Previously I had used my brother-in-law’s Dewalt 734 and while nice, the 12″ width posed a problem with guitar bodies (which are 13″ wide).  So I went to my local tool emporium, Craig’s List.  I’ve actually bought all my big tools from CL, including a cabinet saw, drill press, band saw, and router.

I kept watch for about 2 months and on one planer in particular for over a month.  A guy was selling off a lot of woodworking tools and his price on the planer was a touch high.  So after doing the usual Craig’s List shuffle of calling, going to look at it, negotiations, I got a new planer.


It’s a Delta DC-380 15″ model and while it may be a little old the thing runs like a champ.  As a bonus the guy I bought it from threw in a couple more items for free.

First was a Jet dust collector.


Second was a pile of clamps.


Not a bad grab and all things I needed.  Next, the dolly that came with the planer is too big so I’ll break it apart, reduce the size and salvage whatever wood I can.

Stay tuned.



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